Media 196 – 3D Design Final Presentation Gallery

Digital Storytelling Project Presentation

Welcome to my 3D Gallery and Conclusion of the Class Work in Media 196!

Visual Vocabulary Featuring Textures

I opted to create a collage of my textures in Photoshop and then present them individually below.


Pre-visualization  or Previs Gallery

The pre-visualization stage was to help us come up with ideas for our 3D objects.



The Prototyping Gallery

The Scrolls:


The Rocks:


The Key to Success

I was given the key of Respect and this is the reference keys I was given to try to duplicate in 3D:

Respect Key

This how my key turned out:


This how one of my scrolls turned out after importing into Second Life:

scroll 2

scroll 1

The one above looks like a huge cube of concrete!

My 3D Gallery

Here are my projects that I have completed in 3D.

My journey was frustrating as I delved into this new realm. I am disappointed in myself that I did not get done with all my assignments. I would of liked to because I am enjoying the learning, even if it is challenging.


Text-1independent projecttextbook-2-backgroundphotoshop-key

I had not conceived of working in a 3D environment before taking this class. Although I made progress in the class, I have so much more to go. I find it challenging, yet very fulfilling once a project came to fruition. Since I don’t see 3D, creating in 3D gives me an opportunity to conceive what a 3D world looks like. One disappointment and limitation was to not be able to go into Second Life with having dizziness and feeling sick. I know that it hindered my work and was a major disadvantage. I am grateful to Professor Brock-Richmond for her kindness and help with importing my work and her encouragement on the journey.

My perspective has changed and I can see myself becoming a 3D designer. I want to continue to work in 3D and gain more skills and knowledge. I have purchased a book so that I can continue to grow and learn. I believe it could be beneficial for me to retake this class a second time because there is so much to comprehend and the pace for learning the 3D software can be overwhelming and frustrating. Maybe this class would of been better for me to take in class rather than online. That said, this class has opened new doors and worlds to me and I am grateful for the experience.