Social Sketch…


I don’t have cohorts and partners in business with me at this time. The interactions I want or need are with the local community. I would like to start a local Social Sketch group in the future. Here is a little more information about social sketch in the following websites, along with some artwork created during a social sketch: I believe having the event at a  local coffee house each month would benefit their company by gaining new customers, supporting the art community, sell coffee and products to the sketchers, and garner advertising by hosting the event. I would benefit by meeting other local artists and interesting people, foster goodwill in the community, share my art with others while gaining exposure, have fun and be supporting the arts through hosting the event each month.

Importance of Storytelling in Social Media

collage working

Storytelling evokes our emotions. When we feel something when we listen, watch or read a story, we remember. We will remember the story and how we felt, whether anger, fear, empathy or love, it ties us to the story as if we were participating.

Storytelling is how we communicate to our friends and family about our day. It is how we have been communicating since humankind began. Cave dwellers shared their hunting experiences in visual storytelling. Through our stories, we can build trust in us and our product and add value to our customers.

The old way of marketing only irritates customers by being invasive, whether emails, television ads, or even billboards. Storytelling embraces the most important aspect of marketing, the customer’s relationship or emotion to your brand. Visual storytelling can be an important avenue in social media marketing, as the saying goes “a picture is worth a thousand words”.

I knew I wanted to be an artist from the time I touched a crayon. But having overpowering shyness and anxiety have hindered my success as an artist. It wasn’t until I survived the most fatal breast cancer that I made the decision to overcome this disability and no longer be a closet artist. I sought counseling and education in multimedia communications. The counseling addressed my demons and the education addressed my lack of computer skills. I am still on my journey with taking this Social Media Marketing class, but I am closer to reaching my goals of sharing my art.

An important aspect of storytelling is engagement. An amazing story of engagement is told in this article from about Scott Harrison from the book The Dragonfly Effect by Jennifer Aaker and Andy Smith. Harrison had power, money and emptiness in his life. He set out to find meaning by volunteering on a floating hospital as their photojournalist. After eight months he returned home to start a charity: WATER and he did it on his birthday by asking his friends to donate $31 instead of a gift. Everything grew from there and you will have to read the article or the book to find out more. Needless to say, this man created engagement.

Sometimes we think we don’t have stories, and maybe they aren’t as life changing as Harrison’s, but we all have stories of how or why we are doing something. People want to know the why and how and that creates engagement.


My Call to Action:

My Call to Action is to share photos of what I am able to create in my limited time schedule and start a Weekly Pen Doodle.



Social Media & Doodling…

zen cup 1

I have struggled with how to use social marketing to promote my art, especially with how busy I am at this time. So my Call to Action is to share photos of what I am able to create in my limited schedule and start a Weekly Pen Doodle. I had considered a daily post, but at this juncture, weekly may be best.

Zentangles, ZenDoodles, and Doodling has recently become very popular. I began Pen Doodling about 2 years ago and find it fun and relaxing and it is one avenue of art that I have not had to put on hold. I have also kept an active art journal with a lot doodling in it, but it also involves a lot of color and some mixed media. Since I tend to not want to write much, this could solve my problem of consistency and creating a means of engagement with my audience. I could see the possibility of this going in many directions in the future, such as doodle challenges, ideas of what to draw, fun materials to use or posting other doodlers art work.

I envision using my blog, website, twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest social media platforms for sharing my Pen Doodles, but my blog, website and Pinterest would be the primary platforms. My content would be photos of the doodles, with maybe some musings of the creation process.


Why KEEN shoes are amazing…

About twelve years ago I bought my first pair of waterproof KEEN sandals.  (Banner designed by Debra Faustini)Web I have hiked, walked and ran in those shoes almost daily for at least six of those years and they are still going strong. I throw them in the washer to clean and then air dry. I can’t say all the styles of KEEN’s have that longevity, but the sandals are amazing. I chose KEEN initially because they protect the toes and they were made wide enough for my broad feet, along with being so comfortable. I now have several pairs that I bought off of eBay to keep the cost affordable, since KEEN shoes can run up to $100.


Social Good Done Through Social Media…

Social Media sometimes gets a negative reputation because of the media focusing on only what is bad in our society. But there is a lot of good and social media is one way to promote and share what is positive in our world.

Social media is a way to unite people for a cause to promote change. In the past it was more difficult to organize and communicate, usually through printing on paper, which was slow and limiting. Social media and the use of the internet is quick and vast to grow a cause for good. Non-profits and charities, along with political and environmental agencies for change have a direct and effective means of getting their message to inspire the masses.

Avatar Creation…

I am not a video game player at all since I have trouble with the motions of video games making me dizzy. For an assignment in my Intro to 3D Design class, I had to create an avatar. I am uncomfortable with this, but for the first time I entered the world of Second Life and created an avatar. First I had to invent a name that I felt defined me as a character. I came up with Alaina Anju, which means “Happy” and “Living in Heart” and I believe the name does define my outlook.  Then I needed to choose an avatar from available generated ones on Second Life. This proved more difficult since most of the characters didn’t seem to embrace who I am, or what I would picture myself to be as a character.  This will take more development. My  entry along the path went well, except for my recurring equilibrium problems with game play, until I first viewed other avatars. I have to say I felt uncomfortable with my first meetings with other avatars and what I saw. I decided to leave at that point.

Be a World Citizen…


I have always considered myself a World citizen first and an American citizen second. It seems that some American citizens consider themselves superior to others and that we have gained a bad reputation for demanding special treatment in other countries or just plain been rude. I have never believed that and have felt ashamed of our behavior in the way we may have treated others. When I visit my daughter in Canada, I have at times apologized for our behavior to my northerly friends.

I felt joyous when I watched the Where the Hell is Matt? videos. Seeing Matt dance with others in each country was a delight and I thought of what a difference he may have made with such a small action. He gave me hope for peace and I felt myself well up with tears. He is an inspiration and I wondered what other small actions could create goodwill.

As for my own place in this universe, I originate from Arizona as a third generation desert rat. I was born in Tucson, but spent most of my youth in the suburb of Tempe, located in the heart of Phoenix. I remember summers of swimming, tubing down the Salt River, and the sound of cicadas. I don’t remember anyone having air conditioning, only evaporator coolers. They have their own unique smell and sound that I will never forget. Summers could reach 120 degrees in the shade. You had to beware of touching anything metal. Even opening a car door could be hazardous.

We were taught the golden rule and I still think it’s a good one to live by. I believe if everyone treated others how they would like to be  treated, it would solve a lot of world problems.

I have lived in the states of Montana, Nevada, Oregon, California, Washington, and Arizona. My world travel has been limited to Mexico and Canada. Viewing Where the Hell is Matt? videos was awe inspiring. Our world is vast and beautiful and I would love to be a world traveler, but to be one to inspire goodwill would be even better.